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Model Predictive Control – the Science and the Art

When: August 15th 2022 (As part of MMM 2022)

Presented by: Anthony Rossiter and Kevin Brooks


A one-day workshop on Model Predictive Control (MPC) will be offered during the IFAC MMM 2022.



The first half day is dedicated to the core principles and concepts underlying the design of MPC: How to tune an MPC approach systematically to get good a priori expectation of good behaviour? How to handle constraints systematically in MPC? What are the concepts of dual-mode MPC and why this now dominates the literature but not industrial practice? How to enforce computational and conceptual simplicity with MPC: (i) Using alternative approaches and parameterisations such as predictive functional control and (ii) accepting sub-optimality. MATLAB code is provided to take away for testing simple examples and concepts and for attendees to use during the first part of the workshop.

The second part of the workshop takes a close look on industrial MPC projects phases and justification. It consists on the hands-on MPC design exercise of a flotation plant. Participants will be able to answer the following questions: How to design an MPC?  What is the source material needed, and how to make optimal use of the plant knowledge? How to obtain good test datasets from a manual pre-step and from an automated step test.  How to segment historical data to use in place of the pre-step. How to implement the controller? How to estimate the achieved benefits: What data is needed, and how to provide a realistic range of the achievable benefits?

The Professor Anthony Rossiter, who has vast experience in process control, will present fundamentals on model predictive control in the first part of this workshop.  Professor Kevin Brooks, who has substantial industrial process control experience, will present the second part on industrial MPC projects.


Workshop fees:

  • Regular: 550 $CA
  • Student: 280 $CA

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